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Industrial systeM modelling

Head of Laboratory:

Julius Mulyono, S.T., M.T.

Telp : 031 – 3891264 ext.131

A learning lab which aim to support academic and research activities related to simulation and optimization of industrial system. In this lab there are several computer programs that support analysis and decision making in solving problems related to the production system (queuing system, work scheduling, facility layout, quality management, etc.)


Services offered

SAP Software Training


Head of Laboratory

Dian Retno Sari Dewi S.T., M.T.



Telp : 031 – 3891264 ext.131

Our laboratory aim to integrate overall concept in Supply Chain Management activities ranging from Marketing Research, Product Design, Production Management, and Distribution Management activities.

Facilities in our laboratory include ERP software assistance and wood processing manufacturing, which also can be used as training in product design, production processes and production management.


Services Offered

The production process of various wood materials, for example: tables, chairs, Production Management Training, Quality Management Training, Experimental Method Training.

Work system design and ergonomics

Head of Laboratory

Martinus Edy Sianto, S.T., M.T.

Telp : 031 – 3891264 ext.133

The Work Design Analysis and Ergonomics Laboratory functions as a place for conducting Work Design Analysis and Ergonomics practicums, as well as research on topics related to the design of micro aspects in industry, namely human factors and their interactions with work facilities (machines), work equipment (tools), work environment, and improvement of work methods and environment.


Services offered

Ergonomic awareness, Ergonomics application training in the office, Manual lifting ergonomics training.

In addition to laboratory facilities, our campus is also equipped with the availability of internet connections and software that can be used to support teaching and learning activities.

A comfortable campus environment, the availability of a canteen and a complete library also support the implementation of a good education in our campus.


In addition to classroom activities, learning is also carried out through case studies, industrial visits, practicums, study tours, etc.


To improve soft skills, students can take part in student activities, such as the Industrial Engineering Study Program Student Association, arts activities, sports, scientific activities and various competitions.

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