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Regular Program

The course of undergraduate program  emphasizes 3 major concentrations (Product Design and Ergonomics, Supply Chain Engineering, Process and Quality Engineering). 

The related courses of 3 concentrations that are offered in the undergraduate regular program are as follows:

  • Warehousing and inventory management

  • Production scheduling

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Marketing Research

  • Systems Design & Ergonomics

  • Industrial Systems Design

  • Industrial Psychology

  • Operations Research

  • Production Systems

  • Engineering Economics.

In addition, Elective courses are also offered starting in the fifth semester. The elective courses are as follows:

  • Quality Engineering

  • Technology Management

  • Reliability Engineering

  • Decision Analysis

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Service Industry Design

  • Environmental Management

  • Six Sigma Philosophy

  • Project Management

  • Maintenance Management

  • ISO 9000.


Bundling Program

The Bundling Program is a program that

enables students who meet certain requirements to be able to attend lectures at the Master of Accounting Study Program (MAKSI) UKWMS with specialization in Strategic Management Accounting

The core focus in this specialization program is cost management in manufacturing industry which make it easier for students with industrial engineering background to keep up with the course. 

Benefits of the Bundling Program:

  • Providing advantages for UKWMS Industrial Engineering students, since there are no industrial engineering undergraduate program at other universities that have this kind of program.

  • Students participating in this program will earn two degrees (Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Accounting) within a period of 5 years.

  • Savings in education costs (reduction in education costs up to Rp. 6,400,000 or six million four hundred thousand rupiah)

Career Prospects

Industrial Engineering graduates can work in various fields of work, both in the manufacturing industry and the service industry, such as:

Entrepreneur, Plant Manager, Marketing Manager, Production Supervisor, Sales Manager, Production Planning Control Manager, System Management and Development, Purchasing and management consultants

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